Professional Dominatrix, Mistress Max Absolute, knows more than most about the art of control.....

Whether administering punishment to a willing slave, teaching couples how to enjoy kink together or appearing on TV shows for major terrestrial and satellite TV channels or speaking at public events , Max has over a decade and a half of hands on experience to draw on, along with a Masters degree in Gender, Sexuality and Culture. She also has an infectious sense of fun and playful yet professional demeanour making her one of the worlds foremost kink educators.
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Max Absolute offers various types of learning experiences from set classes to bespoke training.

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Whats all this kink about then?

>>> If you are here to learn one-on-one; I’m guessing you probably want to know a little about the person you are considering stepping into a dungeon with?


>>> If you are here as a couple you probably are a little concerned about what you may be about to unleash on your loved one or what your loved one is about to unleash on you!?


>>> If you are looking for an alternative hen night or fun group event I’m sure you are concerned about finding the right teacher who has the experience but can work with a group to make sure everyone has a fun event?


All very valid concerns, and rightfully so as there are no set exams or governing bodies to make sure anyone offering kink education does so to a high standard or is known to practice their art in a safe, sane and consensual manner.  In fact YOU could go online right now and set yourself up as a teacher and perhaps read a couple of books before imparting your ‘knowledge’ on a novice. Scary stuff eh?


So, I invite you to read on so I can give you a brief overview of the experience I have amassed over the past 20 years; not so you can be wowed at the awards I have won or the events I have produced but to give you peace of mind that your time with me will be safe, educational and fun……


If that sounds like the right approach then please come and ‘Meet Max

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Phone: + 44 7746 418276