Meet Max

Hi and welcome – this is a bit about me and I invite you to read on so I can give you a brief overview of the experience I have amassed over the past 20 years; not so you can be wowed at the awards I have won or the events I have produced but to give you peace of mind that your time with me will be safe, educational and fun……

I am lifestyle and professional Dominatrix who loves to teach, mentor and share her skills. I am well known and revered worldwide for skills as Mistress Absolute the Dominatrix and feared by some for the cruel and seemingly cold-hearted games as I enjoy being the Absolute Bitch  (warning – this site is not designed to make you feel warm and fuzzy)

As well as training slaves, I also  am known for having run one of the largest monthly fetish clubs in the UK for just shy of 15 years, Club Subversion, a brand that is now retired. Events I currently run include one of the world’s biggest annual fetish weekends, The London Fetish Weekend  & a small, friendly, bi-monthly event Club Femdom (yup clue is in the title) as well as being involved in various other UK events under the brand Absolute Mischief.

Over the years I have appeared in many TV programmes including documentaries for BBC 1 and 2, Channel 4, & Sky, have been featured in magazines & newspapers including Loaded, Skin Two, Time Out & The Evening Standard. They can’t all be wrong eh?

To further put your mind at rest that I am not an axe murderer and to demonstrate that I have presented to a large groups of non kink aware people I should mention that I has spoken at The Wellcome Trust and even been a guest on Womens Hour.

If you don’t trust the digital history you can check out  ‘The History & Arts of The Dominatrix’ as a I am featured contemporary iconic Dominatrix

I’m even known as far afield as Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica as I host a kinky holiday event Domme Trips and occasionally I performs at fetish events around the world.

Along with nearly 20 years of hands on experience of one-on-one professional Domination sessions I have amassed a fair body of teaching experience.  I racked up 12 years’ experience teaching groups and individual patrons at the high end erotic boutique, Coco de Mer, in London and in its (now closed) branch in Los Angeles whilst on an overseas visit.

Coco de Mer & I parted ways in 2016 after the introduction of a new policy on salons which did not sit with my teaching ideals or methods so from that point I have concentrated on bespoke private classes and tutorial sessions for couples or individuals wanting to know more about the fetish scene and BDSM

I strongly advise anyone really wanting to find their kink groove to try to get some face to face time / a real-time meeting arranged – for those who just can’t see me in person there is a foundational / beginners DVD called Beginners Guide to BDSM, upon which the eponymous course is based and/or a beautiful easy read instructional kink book Absolute Beginners Guide to Domination.

For those of you who find the traditional path of educational qualifications more reassuring you will be happy to know I  finished my Masters in Gender, Sexuality and Culture in 2010

If you are the kind of person who is swayed by the glamour of awards I will throw in here that I received a London Alternative Market ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in 2015 and the 2016 and 2017 Top Domme award; voted for by the London Fetish community plus I was awarded a place in BDSM hall of Fame in LA in 2017.

As a kink ambassador I am dedicated to demystifying, and normalising practices that have historically be demonised and pathologiesed, simply because they are considered or categorised as non-normative sexual responses.

If you by this point think this is all made up you can verify most of the information in the Bishopsgate Institute Archives where I have a whole section dedicated to all things Mistress Absolute……

Finally an important note: I like to make sure (by leading by example) that no one forgets this serious business of kink is supposed to be fun…….