Mixed Groups

Is a group event for us?

Couples and singles are both welcome to be part of any group you want to put together for a private tutorial. Most group events involve some participation in pairs and you will be advised to make your group aware of this before they arrive. Couples of any sexual identity and any gender mix are welcome.  The people in the group don’t have to identify as a Dominant or submissive – the only requirement is that you all come with an open mind and are ready to learn and have fun.

What areas are covered?

Most areas of kink and the erotic can be included. Most popular areas include: Domination introduction, Spanking, Basic Bondage & Roleplay…but don’t be limited by those suggestions!

How do I sign up?

In the first instance you should email her at absolute@kink.training with a little about your groups previous experience, if any or if known, along with some of the areas you might like to learn about.

Where are the groups held?

Private groups usually provide their own venue which could be a hotel room, suite or private room. Groups run from your home would be considered and travel outside of London possible with enough notice (all travel costs outside of London must be covered).  A venue for you and your guests can be provided for an additional fee should you wish – from luxury catered to basic spaces.

How much are they?

A private two hour group tutorial by Max Absolute starts at  £300 for 3 – 10 poeple and £400 for up to 11 – 20 people – additional fees required for venues, travel & additional people above 20 – please email max@nixnet.com for further information or to book your group.